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air conditioning at Target store

air conditioning at Target store

This poor girl felt faint and hot and almost passed out. Could it have been from the low air conditioning at Target? Well, come home, put something frozen on your head and maybe that will help solve the heat wave feeling. Bring on the vertigo as long as there is bacon. Put on DIIV’s “Air Conditioning”, too, you know, for a complete theme.



What kind of neck do you have? A pencil neck or a line backer neck?

Jump for joy and smell well

Glad I put deodorant on today, that jump was a workout.

Next time youre with your friend in a loud place and they ask, “what?” when you havent even said anything, just say “and then I escaped.”

party time…

party time

what, what?!?!…

what, what?!?!

Scary Movies

Where hot guys walk around in the dark, opening doors in large beautiful, highly architecturally decorated houses trying to find an ugly dead girl that screams