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Life is good

I wish I had a magnet to remind me every day how much life is good


Girls with bad taste

OMG I am gonna wear the sparkliest shirt I have and the biggest heals ever. I want guys to notice me for the person I am inside.

Wow, did you see that girl with the sparkles? She must have her head on her shoulders and a great chiropractor.

Sippy cups for adults?

They need an infomercial for sippy cups for adults. Show a husband and wife sleeping and he has to get up for a glass of water and the wife gets all pissed because he woke her up. If he had a sippy cup under his pillow he wouldn’t have to get up, BUT WAIT CALL NOW AND YOU GET TWO!

Van steal!

It never gets easier stealing vans on Saturday mornings. Thank god for towels and duct tape.

Always Sunny Gas Crisis

Too lazy to grab that napkin

Sometimes you’re watching tv while eating a delicious sandwich that would fall apart if you let it down. You realize you’ve got the wrong reality show on and you’re either too lazy to grab a napkin or you don’t want to get the remote greasy. And then someone says boy I wish I had your problems and ruins it.

Blue screen of death

Hey when the tv isn’t working the way it should be, let’s make it a bright blinding blue color. – some guy at Sony

Turkey club

Thanks for the turkey club sandwich. Was this meant for an alligator to eat this thing or what?
What makes you think I enjoy breaking my jaw?