Monthly Archives: May 2013

Blasphemous rumors

I don’t need a bad rumor for people to look at me funny


Drunk at work

Some people get angry when they drink, but for those who get happy, they should be able to drink at work. Here’s to getting slammed before happy hour.

Moving trucks and hauling out

Don’t have any friends? Get a pickup truck.

Golden Girls


Did you know this about the Golden Girls?

Turning left

You are set to turn left and you’re the first in line to do so. You have to wait for a long line of cars to pass before you can turn. Then just as the light is turning red a guy that can barely walk (because he’s wasted in daylight) crosses the entrance driveway and you’re forced to wait for him to stumble across.

Not like this is super funny but it seems to happen a lot in life. Party on.

Vacation zone

Because sometimes eating is way better than sightseeing