Monthly Archives: April 2013

Bottle of what makes you feel like what?

Are the Kardasian’s selling a bottle of fake tan or a bottle of whiskey? I’m so beautiful and confident because I look like a fried carrot.

On another note has anyone called them the KKK yet? Even tho they’re all dating black dudes. Imagine if Kim was Cim instead. Chloe and Cardboard


New Food Network star – me

Tune into the Food Network tonight for my new show where I make food, taste it and tell everyone how bad it is. It’s an hour show starting at 8. The first half hour is of me at the grocery store getting aggravated.


What kind of neck do you have? A pencil neck or a line backer neck?

Everybody likes mountains

Everybody likes mountains

Jump for joy and smell well

Glad I put deodorant on today, that jump was a workout.

Next time youre with your friend in a loud place and they ask, “what?” when you havent even said anything, just say “and then I escaped.”

party time…

party time