Why work when you can have a low paying job with little responsibility and a smart phone!

I love how everyone that has a low paying job can somehow afford to go to the tanning bed five times a week, buy cigarettes and an Android phone. At least they’re wearing sweatpants. Yeah, you look good girlfriend.

Now this one is a whiskey mystery. These people that do this usually have trouble keeping a savings account. I mean you have to save money for your future right? And the way things are going, you will probably get pregnant. Fake tans are not attractive. Smoking is disgusting and you’re only buying that fancy smart phone (by the time someone reads this post, smart phones will be as popular as cassette tapes.) to impress your friends and enemies. Hey look, I make $7 an hour, but I pay $179/mo. For my phone bill, you suckers. I am most likely moving to Blue Wireless or Boost after my fun 2-year contract with Verizon! I like to save money and I want you too!


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