Monthly Archives: December 2011

After getting to know someone you probably won’t like them at all.


What’s worse than a hipster? 4 hipsters talking about hash tags.

Sometimes I dress like a hipster. I do not have a label. I wear skinny jeans, I own Converse sneakers, I have a few band t-shirts, but the ones I ran into were too immature. I was standing in line for a show (which was awesome – Cut Copy you outdone yourselves) and these four high school kids are standing way out of the line reading tweets from their phones and talking really loud so everyone can’t ear their horrible jokes said on social media site, Twitter. I don’t hate hipsters. Believe me, I’d rather be in a concert hall full of hipsters than a room full of people that like rap (notice I didn’t say “music” after “rap”). I’ve never seen a hipster stab anybody yet. I’ve never seen a hipster drink whiskey either. “Can I have a PBR, please?”

Birthdays are fun, but they remind me of how badly I wrap presents

Women are psycho. THE END

2 Jews, 3 Irishmen and 5 Germans walk into a bar. They run into the Catholics and they all get drunk smashed.

Did you think I was gonna tell a joke? This is what happens. This is reality. It’s party time. Bring on the whiskey. Where the Russian mail order brides at? They want to get drunk too and clean your house. Bars. You can’t go wrong with a bar. When in bad times people drink. When it’s good times, people drink too. Time to listen to Caribou and get your Odessa on. Yes it just came on shuffle.

Whiskey stones! Check out the Groupon that will expire: whiskey stones

Your horoscope for your birthday said you are going to get drunk later.

Whether you’re a Gemini, a Scorpio or a Libra I’m going to guarantee if it’s you’re birthday, you’re getting hammered. God I can’t write. I’ll be back later. Party

If somebody doesn’t like you, try to make them like you ’till you die.