Going out with anxiety tonite. Why does fear always have to join? What a third wheel.

If you’re anything like me you are full of anxiety (and whiskey). After that feeling comes fear and that’s awesome.

I’m afraid of blogs, people that write are crazy. That’s it. Just write the first piece of crap that comes to your head. Am I one to hand out advice? No, not really, but I think we should be more like Sharon Osbourne. She’s only nasty when she needs to be and sweet the rest of the time. (how do I know, I don’t know her). Don’t be afraid of that scary old neighbor (yes, I just saw that episode of Modern Family where Luke isn’t afraid of the scary old neighbor but his parents are) or Snooki throwing your underpants at you.

Everything will be okay. Now that’s a comforting statement even when you know it’s sometimes not true.


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