Why must all good things come to an end? Where can I find a never ending whiskey bottle?

When you go out to a bar, it would be so nice if your glass just magically refilled on it’s own. Just think – no more going up to that bar smashing your whole body into some stranger while the back of your hair is in someone’s beer cup, but anyway that’s an unnecessary invention. I would stay away from those kinds of bars anyway!

I haven’t lived long enough to know every thing about life, but I do know that we often are disappointed and saddened by the crap that happens. Everyone is all smiles & then….boom. From serious situations as someone passing away, someone breaks your heart & you thought…..they were the one…, or you work with a great group of people and make great money, but you are laid off…………….on to more less harsh ones – You just bought an iPad and it fell and cracked & you didn’t get the warranty, your favorite contestant got voted off, they discontinued your favorite scent at Bath & Body Works and you JUST cleaned the floor, but some knucklehead spilled whiskey all over it because he was too drunk to pour shots for your friends.

I wish good things never came to and end. I wish everyone was happy all the time. I wish there weren’t any illnesses or evil things in this world. I really, really do.


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