Monthly Archives: August 2011

Live Laugh Love my ass

It’s very simple and funny. If you have a dry sense of humor and you have seen these stupid things, you will get it.

If you’re like me you loathe crap like this hanging up in people’s homes. LIVE LAUGH LOVE.

Have you heard more BS than that ever in your life? Do you really want a picture hanging in your living room that says THAT?

this is for suckers

Oh how sweet, these are such great words to live by! You must live in a perfect world, eating cupcakes everyday, sleeping on soft clouds and waking up to sunny skies with rainbows coming out of your ass. Ohhhh what a perfect world. Why don’t you just make a frame that says BULLSHIT and paste that above your fireplace. Make sure it is in an elegant font though, of course.

I do not even want to see that Julia Roberts movie EAT PRAY LOVE because of the title (isn’t that horrible?). I mean it’s just one of those things that sounds gross (although, I heard the book by author Gilbert was a good read). To me, it’s like hearing the nails scratching on the chalkboard or listening to Dave Matthews Band. Oh, excuse me DMB. ughhhhhh. Maybe the sound of “whiskey kick” really bothers somebody as well?


Why must all good things come to an end? Where can I find a never ending whiskey bottle?

When you go out to a bar, it would be so nice if your glass just magically refilled on it’s own. Just think – no more going up to that bar smashing your whole body into some stranger while the back of your hair is in someone’s beer cup, but anyway that’s an unnecessary invention. I would stay away from those kinds of bars anyway!

I haven’t lived long enough to know every thing about life, but I do know that we often are disappointed and saddened by the crap that happens. Everyone is all smiles & then….boom. From serious situations as someone passing away, someone breaks your heart & you thought…..they were the one…, or you work with a great group of people and make great money, but you are laid off…………….on to more less harsh ones – You just bought an iPad and it fell and cracked & you didn’t get the warranty, your favorite contestant got voted off, they discontinued your favorite scent at Bath & Body Works and you JUST cleaned the floor, but some knucklehead spilled whiskey all over it because he was too drunk to pour shots for your friends.

I wish good things never came to and end. I wish everyone was happy all the time. I wish there weren’t any illnesses or evil things in this world. I really, really do.